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Gents, cross posting this from BRC

This pains me to say this, but Season 3 has not worked out entirely how I would have liked it to. In other words, shit.


I think, we grew amazing as a group of racers in an incredibly short amount of time. However, while the competition rose, so did the ego's and we lost some of that fun factor. What it boils down to is this, Forza is a video game, a place to detach from reality and enjoy the time spent there. I feel that over the last 8 weeks, I've let you all down in that regard. To make that up to you, I'm making the following changes to the remainder of Season 3.

1st, Points will no longer be tracked. That has been the route of evil, we are simply not cut out to have a friendly environment and a points structure in one. To gain a true racing atmosphere, we cannot enjoy the game. To enjoy the game for what it is, we must take the actual racing part out. Which brings me to the next change.


2nd, Damage will be reduced from Limited to Cosmetic. This is so we can race bumper to bumper with someone and not have to worry about that dent we just picked up reducing our top speed by 5mph, or limiting our cornering grip because our spoiler fell off. With this, there will no longer be mandatory pit stops.

3rd, The cars will be changed to a single car pictured below, with the only modification being the paint job. No tuning, no upgrading, just driver skill. I chose this car because it is close to the pi limit we had before this, it is NOT DLC and is fairly stable and fun to drive.


4th, and final change. Starting grid will be changed from random, to a set order. Starting 20 minutes prior to race start time, we will take a brief qualifying session with ghosts to put the drivers in their appropriate starting spot to try and reduce the now infamous turn 1 disaster.

The calendar, start time, and session times will remain unchanged.

Why am I doing such a drastic change so late in this season? It's simple, the Trans-Am series is just as popular, if not more and it's too demanding on all of us to keep up with two 'hardcore' leagues.


So I am choosing to change to bring the fun back.

See you all Sunday


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